Public Domain Fortune to launch 3/26/18

Well, would you believe it? My Public Domain Fortune membership product will launching on March 26th. Finally! It sure took a while to get here. The biggest challenges were not with creating the product. I had that done in just a few months. The worry came from the technologies to promote and deliver the product.

Making sure the affiliate links worked, JVZoo integrated with PayPal, the autoresponder emails to purchasers with login information were sent once a purchase was made, and on and on. Even with what I hope are the bugs all worked out and everything else tested, I still won’t rest easy until I get through the five day launch. Now I’ll just keep tweaking my sales page and begin to send folks to the affiliate page to get their unique ID’s to promote the launch.

I’ll let you all know how it goes in a couple of weeks….



  • David Wakeman

    Reply Reply March 12, 2018

    Hey Lee,

    Glad to see you got everything worked out. I am looking forward to seeing how your launch goes.

    I’m working my way thru the P2S program and hope to gain great insight from seeing launches like yours take off.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


    • leecornell

      Reply Reply March 12, 2018

      Thanks David. I’m still finding some last minute things I’m verifying that they will work. Once I get this first launch done, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable and confident with my next product. Keep pushin’ on with P2S!

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