Well, would you believe it? My Public Domain Fortune membership product will launching on March 26th. Finally! It sure took a while to get here. The biggest challenges were not with creating the product. I had that done in just a few months. The worry came from the technologies to promote and deliver the product.

Making sure the affiliate links worked, JVZoo integrated with PayPal, the autoresponder emails to purchasers with login information were sent once a purchase was made, and on and on. Even with what I hope are the bugs all worked out and everything else tested, I still won’t rest easy until I get through the five day launch. Now I’ll just keep tweaking my sales page and begin to send folks to the affiliate page to get their unique ID’s to promote the launch.

I’ll let you all know how it goes in a couple of weeks….


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    • Hey Lee,

      Glad to see you got everything worked out. I am looking forward to seeing how your launch goes.

      I’m working my way thru the P2S program and hope to gain great insight from seeing launches like yours take off.

      Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


      • leecornell

        Thanks David. I’m still finding some last minute things I’m verifying that they will work. Once I get this first launch done, I’ll feel a lot more comfortable and confident with my next product. Keep pushin’ on with P2S!

    • Hi Lee
      Im loving the launch . Your videos are awesome and the product is very cool. Hope it continue to do really well!

      • leecornell

        Thanks Richard. Had a few speedbumps but overall its been fun!

    • Congratulations on your dedicated effort and finally a launch. One doesn’t realize what’s really necessary and involved until actually starting a product launch.You think the biggest obstacle is creating the product, but that’s not always the case.
      Wishing you much success,
      Jack Powell

      • leecornell

        Thanks Jack. My biggest challenges were the technology snags. (members not getting their autoresponder login in emails, issues with being able to sign in, etc.). I spent a lot of launch week helping people access the members area manually. You are correct that creating a good quality product, once I decided what that would look like, was the easiest part. It still took work, but I was pretty confident in what I wanted to create.

    • I am glad that you were able to get your launch done and figured out all of the technical parts. I am sure by now you are feeling pretty good about it all. Congratulations!

    • leecornell

      Thanks Becky. There are still a few on going issues with OptimizeMember, but I was able do a few workarounds during the launch that got me across the finish line. I’m confident my next launch will come a lot faster and go smoother.

    • Hi Lee recently joined the P2S training and am pushing on. Saw this post and wondered how you were getting on. Well done for sticking at it and getting your product launch off the ground. Good luck. Nick

      • leecornell

        Hi Nick. Thanks for the note. It was a long road (my own fault) but the launch went well and I’m on to my next launch, which will not be in the IM niche, but a membership training site for ventriloquists! (My passion). Stay with it. John and Randy are both great. I’ve been involved online for 21 years and P2S is the best coaching program I’ve ever seen. Good luck! I’ll watch for your progress. Let me know what your blog address once it’s running and I’ll check it out. Lee

    • Hi Lee,

      In my years of dabbling in this business, I’ve come across your name and recognized you as somewhat of the “ventriloquist marketer.” It seems to me I recall your name from the training of a marketer I followed not too long ago. Forgive me if I can’t remember who it is.

      Anyway, one of my first forays into the IM space was looking at resources available in the public domain.

      It’s such a vast wealth of information that is absolutely free for the taking, and I don’t think there are that many people who know what it is or how to use it.

      I’ve used a little to some success. It’s an area I will probably add to my business once I get a little more established. There are just too many possibilities — for me, most notably, Creative Commons images.

      Best of luck to you in your business.

      To your success,

      • leecornell

        Thanks for the comments, Bob. I am a student of John Thornhill’s, however I’ve been online since 1997 selling, yes, in the ventriloquism/comedy/magic niche. I didn’t hook up with John until 2015. He taught me how to create and sell products into the Internet marketing niche (http://lee-cornell.com/recommends/productcreationworkshop2). I have always been extremely interested in public domain and thought that a logical target for my first product I created with John’s training (https://www.publicdomainfortune.com). It did well. I’m also coming out with a product on Copywriting – another passion of mine, it a few weeks. I’m putting the finishing touches on the members area now. Plus, I just launched an online version of my ventriloquism course back in July (https://www.ventriloquistacademy.com).

        It sounds like you have a good plan and several areas of interest! Good luck! (although we both know that “luck” really has much to do with success … 😎


        • Hi Lee,

          Thanks for taking the time to respond.

          I do, in fact, have a plan. It’s just a matter of implementing it. I feel I need a little more time in P2S to get the training/direction to move forward. I’m getting there.

          I guess my biggest issue has been separating watching training videos from actually taking action. I’m committed to doing a little on my blog each day so that I can see some definitive progress.

          Soon I’ll be working on my first product and releasing it much as you have. I hope to have the same success.

          I’ll keep you posted.

          Best regards,

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