So, you have a product to offer. You launch it to your subscriber and affiliate lists. You have a price of, let’s say, $29.97 on your product. Some sales come in and people purchase your one item and you pay your affiliates their commission. And that’s the end of the process.

You are happy you had some sales and made some money. But you’ve just made a big mistake.

You’ve left countless amounts of money and profits out of your bank account. What?

Remember this rule:

The hottest purchaser you could ever want is one who just gave you money.

You have an amazing opportunity to increase your transaction total and increase your profits as soon as someone whips out their credit card to purchase from you. It’s so easy and it doesn’t matter if you’re selling online or offline.

It happens all of the time.

Have you ever ordered a service over the telephone like a cable TV package? Your intent was to just go with the $19.95 a month “plan A” and then the cable salesperson asks if you’d like to add 200 more channels, which include a bunch of movie and sports channels, for only an extra $10 a month, with “plan B.'”

There is a good chance you’ll bite on “plan B.”

Same at a fast food place like McDonald’s. You order your Big Mac meal and the cashier will always ask, “Do you want to make that a large combo for only an extra $1.00?” It’s almost automatic that so many people will say “yes” just because they were asked!


Upsells, back end sales, follow-up sales are all potential gold mines.

It is at the point of transaction where there are instant leverage points. Just by having an upsell offer and then simply asking, you’ll be astounded at how many people will take you up on your offer. Especially if it’s a buyer who knows you and trusts you.

You can also do a follow-up offer. For example, someone spends $100 with you for a product. You can then send them an email and tell them that if they order a higher priced back-end / upsell product by a certain, in the near future date, you’ll credit their $100 towards the upsell product!

Think of ways you can offer buyers an add-on to an original purchase and then just ask them to buy!

Will everyone say yes? Of course not. But you are truly leaving a lot of money on the table by not having back-end and upsell products in your sales process.

Until next time.


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