I want to pick up where I left off in Part 1 of my post and reveal how I’ve found the time and a bit of confidence and will power, to help me feel secure in knowing I can complete John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success training over the next year. And, at the end of it all, have become a successful Internet marketer and make a solid living doing something I love.

Since I’m only two weeks into the training, and being the type of personality I am, I find myself trying to guess where all of this is going. What are the next steps in the course going to be? Am I’m going to be choosing niches that are a passion to me, as was mentioned in the “Blogger’s Roadmap” book that was part of last week’s homework? Or, will I be creating “how to be successful on the Internet” marketing information? Or can I have the best of both worlds? Selling a niche product to a group I’m passionate about, that has money to spend.

Can I keep that “you can’t do it voice” in my head I mentioned in my last post at bay?

I need to really just take a breath, step back, and as John says, take it a week at a time and TRUST him.

That is a powerful statement and word. Trust.

Here’s what I have found over the years, and after purchasing tons of various products teaching how to create digital products and make money selling them. Many courses just weren’t that good.

But, some were, and it’s my fault for not sticking with them a bit longer. I kept getting distracted by the next thing I was offered. Many, many products were of inferior quality and I never achieved anything with them.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you have a hard time sorting out the good stuff from the crap.

On top of that, when I purchased a product through an affiliate link, then another and another, over the years I literally now get dozens of emails every week from anyone and everyone I’ve ever opted in with to get a free report or this or that. And, with all of these emails and affiliates, it becomes a dizzying mess trying to sort through them all and know who to trust. I’ll get emails from 10 different people that are all pitching the same products.













I can even venture to say that I’ve purchased the SAME product from more than one person, just because of the frenzy of a launch, me buying and then not doing much of anything with the product.

And then, a couple of weeks later, not having even looked at the product I just purchased, I’ll get another series of emails from another affiliate and I purchase the same thing again! How crazy is that?

Is it just me? Or can you relate?

So, here’s what I’ve done to make my life a lot easier and free up the time I need to work on P2S. I hope this helps you, too.

I’ve taken an inventory. Of who I want to do business with and of my time.

I’ve taken an inventory of the marketing experts I truly follow personally on their blogs and who I know create high quality products. I’ve made it a short list.

I have unsubscribed from a lot of lists that I was basically just receiving pitches for affiliate products from. If something is really all that great, the experts I know and TRUST will eventually make me aware of those new products.

I am focused 100% on only going through John’s P2S program and that’s it. Even at the expense of other products/courses I’ve purchased from John. In my opinion, P2S is his signature gold standard offering and it’s all I need to be spending my time on. No more distractions from 100 other people wanting me to buy and take their courses. So, John is the man for the next year. Period.

I can always go back and do other courses later, as I believe you never stop learning. But I’m not going to be pulling my hair out, and running in the gerbil wheel trying to juggle 4 or 5 courses at the same time right now.

I do have a couple of video editing pieces of software (Videomaker FX, Explaindio, and my studio video editing system I’ll still use for projects), but as far as training and buying anymore “how to be a success on the Internet” it’s all going to come from John. If he recommends some other “thing” during his training he says I need (software i.e. AWeber, Camtasia, etc., to be a success), I’ll invest in it.

But my focus is on P2S. No more shiny objects.

As far as finding the time, I’ve taken an inventory of that as well.














I looked at where I was spending my “free” time outside of the tasks and obligations I HAVE to do each week.

There is a news program on from 8-9pm Monday through Friday that I haven’t missed in probably over 10 years. That adds up to 5 hours a week extra if I give up that show during P2S training. Or, I can TiVo the program and scan through it on occasion when it’s been an important news day.

I figure I am on Facebook at least 15 minutes at a time / 4 times a day. That’s an hour a day x 7 days a week = 7 hours a week of “found” time. Am I going to stay off of Facebook every day for a year? Hardly. But I’ll only be popping on to look at important things as it relates to my web businesses and not be posting a photo of the cheesecake I had for dinner at a local restaurant the night before. It sure looks tasty, doesn’t it? But is taking the time to post it to Facebook getting me any closer to my goal? Nope.












Plus, I committed to adding an extra hour to the end of my day or at the beginning of my day to work on P2S. That’s another 7 hours there. I can get by with an hours less sleep a night for a year if it’s going to get me to the finish line.

So, with just those three examples, I’ve added up to 19 hours “extra” per week to work on achieving my dream of being a full time Internet marketer within a year, and not have to take any time away from the things I mentioned were “must-dos” for me in my everyday world of a job, my ventriloquism internet business, playing music, being with my family.

Will I have this time available every week – etched in stone? I doubt it. There will be times where things come up – getting sick, a death in the family, who knows. But I DO know that this is my plan that I’m going to stretch to achieve each week.

Take an inventory of your time. Shut down all of the noise of trying to figure out 27 different products you’ve purchased, started on and then quit. Focus on the end result and then go with ONE coach/mentor to help you build your business.

Someone said, “Knowledge is power.”

I disagree.

I would amend that phrase to say “Knowledge is not power. Knowledge + taking action is power.”

Until next time. Keep reaching for your dream. It’s there. All you have to do is really want it and go get it.



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