I just completed week 2 of the Partnership to Success program. Once again, good information!

I was able to create a header for my blog, add an “About Me” page (I’ll be populating it today), add some various plug-ins that will be expanded on as to what they do in future lessons, added some side bar functionality like a search bar for the blog, a recent posts and recent comments feature, some social media links where folks can “like” my posts or share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And learned how to create the menu pages (which is minimal at present with just the Home page and About Me page).

Plus, part of the homework was to read an eBook and watch some videos from a program called “The Bloggers Roadmap,” which as the title eludes to, is information on how to run a successful blog, attract people to read it and eventually make money from it.

I was pleased and exited that I was able to complete all of this during the week.

So, what about the title of my post? “What am I (and perhaps you) afraid of?”

Here’s the deal. And maybe you have felt the same way as you’ve struggled to get any traction on building an online presence and business.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve invested hundreds, if not thousands (as is my case) of dollars in programs, training courses, software, eBooks and on and on, and then not used any of the products you’ve purchased. And you are no where closer to your dream of being able to make a living online than you were weeks, months or even years ago.

That describes me. I cannot tell you how many different programs / products / memberships I’ve purchased, downloaded, glanced at, booked marked and have never been through any of them.

I’m sure some of them are very good programs. And, had I actually done something with the materials, I probably would have been a full time Internet marketer years ago. Or, at least way closer than I am at this point.

So what’s kept me stuck in neutral for all of these years, as it relates to really putting my head down and doing what is necessary?

I’m sure you know the answers. Fear and uncertainty.

And in knowing, deep down, that this journey to success and crossing the finish line will not be easy or quick. Regardless of how simple 80% of the people selling Internet marketing “how to” information stuff will tell you it is in their emails promoting a product.

That was one of the things I found refreshing about John. In one of the very first slides in his presentation talking about P2S, he flat out tells you it ain’t gonna be easy.

As I mentioned, I’m no newbie to Internet Marketing of physical products.

My passions are ventriloquism, magic, singing, guitar playing, cartooning, Internet marketing, video production (my degree is in video and film production) and doing voice over work.

My Ventriloquism101.com  website has been online since 1997. By all metrics, I would consider it a success. Am I rich from it? Absolutely not. But it has averaged around $30,000 a year over the years with some years pulling in over $50,000. I rank in the top 10 on most search engines on the keywords “ventriloquism” and “learn ventriloquism.” If you type “ventriloquism” into Google, you’ll get about 500,000 results. And I’m in the top ten.

Ventriloquism 101 was used as a case study in Internet marketer Yanik Silver’s book “Moonlighting on the Internet” several years ago and my copy writing style (I write all of the content on the site) was also featured as a case study at a 4 day boot-camp/workshop put on by marketer Dave Dee (who is a business partner with marketing legend Dan Kennedy). So, I’ve been around a little while and know some things. As long as they are in my comfort zone.

But my “fear” has been that I’ve had that site and selling model on pretty much auto pilot for 18 years.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve wanted to start other information product websites that sell digital download products. Or start membership websites. And I’ve stopped and started. Stopped and started.

I know how to build the web “store” model I’ve been running all of these years. Ventriloquism101 has an opt-in, exchanging their email address/name and building my list for them getting access to some free lessons. I have a Facebook fan page, a blog, a Twitter feed.

But I’m lost when it comes to this newer breed of Internet marketers and processes.

Sure, I’ve picked up bits and pieces over the years, but every time I start a new “course”, then find out I need to learn about WordPress, Optimize Press, WishList Member, sales funnels, upsells, affiliates, autoresponders, building lists, JVZoo, Clickbank, opt-ins and many more I could list, I get cold feet and stop early on in the training.

Can you relate?

Did I make it through the first two weeks of John’s training? Sure. And it seemed easy enough to follow. So far. But then that small, still voice in my head begins to talk, “You can’t do this. It’s going to start out easy, then get really, really hard and you’ll fail. Just like you have with every other Internet marketing course you’ve started. Just quit and stay with the security of your day job and making some sales with your ventriloquism site.”

Does that sound like you at all?

I mean, I have a day job I work at from 6am to 6pm, a daughter in college and a son in High School. They are in activities that I want to be at, because they are only going to be here in our lives day to day for a few short more years. I have my Ventriloquism 101 website to run, products to re-produce, package and ship all around the world. Every day. I play guitar and am in the rotation to play in my church praise band a couple of times a month. I’m trying to get a classic rock and roll band together (I’ve been in bands as a guitar player and singer for over 37 years). That takes a lot of practicing. Where will I find the time to do this Internet thing?

Are these excuses? I don’t think so. But it’s a reality that they all translate into hours that are spoken for each week. So…how was I able to get through weeks 1 and 2 training with P2S, when I’ve never gotten this far before…? Where did I find this “secret” additional time I needed?

I’ll continue with this in Part 2 on my next blog post. And explain why the vast majority of people have these fears / distractions / obligations and how you can deal with them to finally achieve your dreams of making a living full time on the Internet – which is exactly where I want to end up as well. And no, I’m not pitching a product.

But let me be clear. I’m not there yet. Not by a long shot. (there’s that voice again – and it’s not coming from one of my puppets 8-).

I am a beginner in this particular process, just as you may be. But I DO have tons of other experience and skill sets with being online since 1997 selling products, and I have some ideas for you. Now all I have to do is follow my own advice.

Until next time.



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