Well, I finished week 1 of the Partnership to Success training. I found the training from John Thornhill to be easy to follow. The tutorial videos were broken down in to small bite sized, step-by-step chunks.

There were a few technical challenges involved in getting my new web hosting company set up and my new domain name, lee-cornell.com, transferred over to my new host, but once I got that all figured out, it was a fairly smooth set of lessons.

I can tell, however, that this is certainly no get rich quick program. There was still a lot that had to be completed in the first week, and I still have 51 weeks to go.

I have purchased other training materials and courses over the years, but never got anywhere with them. Many of them were fine instructional materials, but the way in which they were presented were typically with very long videos, or lengthy pdf documents to read.

Many of those courses seemed to assume one already had some level of expertise in the technical aspects of setting up an online presence. Those are the courses I started, but never finished.

During week 1 of John’s course, I got my WordPress blog up and running, even though it’s a bare bones blank canvas at this point.

I’m well into week 2 and should have completed the requirements for the lessons by the end of the weekend. And you should see a difference in the look of my blog.

I am not new to the Internet. I’ll tell more of my story as I add more blog posts. But I will tell you I’ve been selling online since 1997.

My goal when I purchased my first computer back in 1996 was to use it to create a website to sell an informational VHS teaching video I created, to a niche I have a deep passion for. One you would think would be too small to make any money from. The niche is ventriloquism. You know. Talking to puppets. I’ve been a ventriloquist and magician since I was 9 years old.


Again, more on that whole story later, but after 18 years running that web site and selling model (which is still up and running and making money), I’m finally getting around to really staying focused on John’s training (and I have stopped purchasing every piece software, course, information, etc., that is pitched to me in my email inbox each day).

My goal, at the end of this training, is to have a good online information marketing business, with a more diverse group of niches and digital (as opposed to physical like I’m currently selling) products to offer, make more money, which in turn will allow me to quit my day job and work at this full time.

My ultimate goal is to help others do the same.

In my next post, I’ll catch you up as to where I’m at in my training with Partnership to Success (P2S) and tell you little bit more about my online journey over the past 18 years. Stay tuned.

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