When I started the P2S program, I was really crushing it. I had tried for years to expand my online marketing business presence and I was really pumped when I started down my P2S journey. Every week I was ahead of the videos. Everything was running like clockwork.

I knew I was going to succeed, finally, at this Internet marketing thing as a full time business.

Then, at week 20, it all came to a stop. My mother-in-law (who had been in failing health) began to get worse and passed away in August, my day job was running me ragged and some family issues got in my way right as I was beginning to create my first P2S product. (I have created a lot of other products over the past 20 years to sell online, but not in the IM niche).

I know a lot of the gurus say that creating products is easy. Maybe that’s the case when you have a few under your belt. But with me being a stickler for creating really good stuff pulling me one way, and the other things going on in my life pulling me another, I hit a wall. I was distracted. I tried to work on my product, but ended up staring at my computer screen for seemingly endless periods of time while I thought about everything else going on in my life.

As the weeks, then months, went by and I saw all I had accomplished during the first 20 weeks (until I just stopped moving forward) get further and further away, I suddenly realized I needed to get back with it before the P2S turned into just another thing I sort of tried and gave up on. Plus I know technology changes every week and if I didn’t get back in the saddle, what I had learned during my first 5 months of P2S might become obsolete.

So, at the end of December last year I sat down and began to write. I had my mind map already created and my resources and research completed enough to get going again, so I made the conscious decision to get back to work. And it is indeed work. But so worth it.

And now I’m back. Once I started writing the eBook for my product again, even just a few pages a day, it became easier to write again the next day.

I plan on having my first product on Public Domain completed in the next few weeks. (I still have companion videos and bonuses to create).

I just needed to give myself a push again. Part of that push being dictated by my continued desire to eventually quit my day job to work from home full time.

I wanted to post to my blog today to remind myself and my readers that you need to just keep getting back up.success

Just do SOMETHING every day.

The tools and help to reach the finish line are all here as a P2S member and in working with John and his team. My compass is pointing in the right direction again. I feel good.

Well, back to work on my product. I have a launch to get to.

Thanks for reading.


    3 replies to "Well, those 7 months flew by"

    • Good luck with your launch Lee.
      I know only too well how life can get in the way.
      I’m nearly twoo weeks behind on my PtS course, but like you, I won’t quit.

      • leecornell

        Thanks Terence. I’ve been writing my eBook on weekends and it should be done in a week or so. The other items like the videos and bonuses will be easy once I get the core product, the book, finished. Good luck!

    • Keep it up Lee. Looks like you had a bit of a tough time but I am sure you will do OK.
      If I can help in any way just let me know. I am a Grumpy Old Git and casting a critical eye over stuff is one of my strong points.LOL
      I promise only to do constructive criticism.
      Best Wishes

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