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This isn’t going to be a long post today, but I think an interesting one with a takeaway lesson. And it veers a bit from staying in the box of only talking about online marketing.

It has to do with looking at the way other businesses and companies target niches they are trying to connect with. And, I thought a fun market segment to look at would be commercials on broadcast television.

Look, marketing is marketing. Whether it be with your online marketing business, a brick and mortar business or, yes, advertising (promoting to their “list”) on the most watched television broadcast of the year – The Super Bowl football game here in the US.

In ANY business (online or off) there are three elements to successful marketing.

1). Targeting the right market

2). Targeting that market with the right message

3). And targeting that market, with the message, at the right time time

Let’s say you are marketing the finest hair brush in the history of the world. Then let’s also say you have the greatest message ever, and it is over-the-top compelling. But here’s the problem…you’re targeting bald people. You are not going to sell many hair brushes. (unless you’re selling the one below).














You need to target to the right market/niche.

And again, that goes for products you create and/or market online.

So, back to the Super Bowl tomorrow. Why would any company spend well over $1 million to produce a 30 second commercial and spend $4.5 million for a 30 second, or $9 million for a 60 second commercial to air during the game?

It’s because they know it’s the right market they want to reach (they know the niches/markets that watch the Super Bowl), they will have the right message for their product or service and the timing is right, because historically they can measure how many people watch the Super Bowl. (over 111,000,000 in 2014)

And, the Super Bowl is the one event every year that the majority of viewers watch live. They don’t DVR or TiVo the game. They watch it in real time and advertisers know they will have eyes and ears on their commercials during the actual game.

It’s funny in a way that the hype about the upcoming commercials every year generates almost as much buzz as the game itself.

That’s another reason advertisers want a coveted spot during the Super Bowl. They know millions of viewers are specifically going to watch the commercials. Unlike most television broadcasts where people channel surf during the breaks in the show. That doesn’t happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

You’ll also notice that nearly all of the ads (not all, but the majority) tend to be over the top and funny, emotionally touching, or involve new cars and animals…8-)

The target market/niche is wide. Sure, there will be beer commercials (it is a football game after all). But since a lot more than just men watch the game, if the advertisers create a really killer ad, it can reach a huge demographic of viewers in a wide spectrum of niches.

I know I’ll be watching the game again this year. And I’m one of those who likes to watch the commercials.

Although this year, I’m going to pay close attention to the types of ads that are run and connect the dots as to what the target niche is the advertiser is trying to reach.

Right market, right message, right timing. All three are in place for the Super Bowl.

Are they in place for what and who you are marketing to with your Internet business?

Here’s an example of an ad I think people will be talking about. It combines an emotionally touching intro, then does a complete 360 degrees for the hook at the end.

I thought it was funny. My wife, an even bigger dog lover than I am, didn’t quite find the humor. You do have to notice the sign on the side of the van that you see briefly at the end of the video, letting you know the woman is running a dog breeding business, and not selling her beloved family puppy… I’ll remember this was a godaddy.com advertisement. And that’s their intent. That I’ll consider them for their web services.


Until next time.


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