If you have just discovered the many routes that you can take with regards to online marketing, you will be faced with many alternatives. One important one I’d like to focus on is your ability (or lack thereof) to write good articles. Here are some tips to help you.

The Rule of the Game
Writing for the internet is very different from getting your daily dose on blogs and other creative venues. Writing articles of interest does require a bit of learned talent on your part, because what you write will cater to a specific market. And theses people don’t have much time to spend reading a 500 plus words article you are presenting to them.

Your role now is to get their attention, make them scan through your materials, get your point, get them hooked with what more you have to say – and then what more can you offer.

Basic Guide
You don’t need to be too academic when it comes to writing articles. You are not writing a research or term paper. You just want to reach out to potential clients to spark their interest in learning more about how your business might help them.

1. Good content
Your writing should not so technical that people have to consult a dictionary or ancient language expert just to grasp your thoughts. You have to create functional articles that will be easy to understand and people will be able to relate with. Even for technical and complex industries.

2. Conversational tone
Speak directly to your target market through your articles. You’ve got to establish a connection with them quickly. And this can be achieved by the way you present your articles. You have to make them feel like you are a friend that they can turn to if they are having problems in some aspects of their business.

3. Excite your readers
Blow a kazoo in their face! No. Just kidding. You are not writing to win awards, so avoid the boring matter-of-fact route. Keep the tone light and easy to grasp. Create headlines and catchy tag lines in order for you to keep your probable clients interested.

4. Short paragraphs
Short paragraphs are intended for easy reading. This will especially be helpful for those who don’t really have the time and are just scanning for interesting info that relates to their situation.

5. Provide benefits
Make sure that after reading your piece, the reader will get something out of what you have said. Such knowledge should be useful to them and will make them interested in reading your future articles – as well as learning more about your specific products and services.

6. The importance of “you”
Use the word “you” throughout the article. This way, the one who will be reading it will feel a sense that you are directing the information right at them. This makes them feel important and It will be easier to capture their interest.


Why are you doing this article writing and posting it, anyway? The goal is to drive traffic to your web site and engage people. You have to make as many folks as possible aware of the services you are offering.

Practice mastering how to write articles before you plunge into submitting them to various outlets online. Write often. The more you post relevant  content, the more of an expert you become for the market you are targeting.

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