There are lots of different tactics marketer’s use to get you to invest in a product or service you are offering.

Discounted price, limited, time sensitive offer (“buy before midnight tonight or this will be gone forever!”), adding bonuses with a purchase, and powerful testimonials, to name a few. And these are all great ideas which will help you get people off of the fence to purchase.

But, the #1 method for getting people to purchase what you are offering is by using:

Emotional Response Marketing.

What the heck is that?

The reason most marketers struggle with getting potential clients to make a purchase is because they do not make an emotional connection with their readers.

The main reason people are going to purchase from you is simple. It’s for what they feel they will get from you that touches them on an emotional level.









Sound odd? Please let me explain.

When you appeal to people’s deepest emotional wants and desires, your marketing takes on a whole new dimension. A whole new level of power.

Remember that people buy totally based on emotion, and then defend that sale with logic. Emotion comes first. Logic second.

You need to uncover the real deep-seated reasons why people are going to invest in your product or service.

Your prospective purchaser is not going to verbalize these things. They may not even realize that these are the reasons for investing in what you are offering. In fact, they are probably going to formulate some logical reason for purchasing from you. Does that make sense?

You must educate your potential customers on exactly what your product does and all of the emotional benefits it provides. No more stress, financial freedom, more time with family, giving more back to help others, to name a few.

You’ll see as you discover how to get deeper and deeper with your customers and connect with them on an emotional level in your writings of your sales letters and blog posts, that you’ll find selling to them a lot easier and you’ll have repeat clients almost automatically.

Again, the only thing your potential customer wants and is interested in is your ability to fulfill their wants and desires with your product or service.

I’ve used the old adage before about “putting yourself in their shoes.” Try to think how they think. What are the emotional reasons someone would buy what you had to offer?

Think of something you want. What emotional triggers would seal the deal for you to make you purchase?











If you can answer these questions as you write your sales copy and your call to action, you’ll find you get a lot more “clicks” on the good old “Buy Now” button.

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