Hello and Happy New Year!

Well, after consulting with John Thornhill over the past few weeks, we decided to make a few changes to my members area and JV sales page before launching Public Domain Fortune. I’ve finished the changes and will be adding my launch to the Partnership to Success calendar. Take a look at my new header graphic designed by GFX-1. They did a nice job. I’ll post again once I schedule my launch date. If you are working through the P2S course, keep at it!


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    • Good luck with your new product and launch. Having created a few products in the past I know the hard work involved to make it happen.

      Sounds like you have made it through the hardest period. I really find public domain content to be absolutely amazing.

      I am looking forward to see what you share in your new product.

      Percy Miller

      • leecornell

        Thanks Percy. It took a lot longer than I wanted, but the delays were my own fault. I’ll take a look at your blog. Lee

    • Hey Lee,

      I do like the new graphics for your product. GFX-1 does a great job.

      It takes time to put together a product and it looks like you have put in the hours.

      Looking forward to seeing how your launch goes.


      • leecornell

        Thanks David. I certainly didn’t plan on it taking this long…too many excuses. Some legit. Some not so much. It wasn’t so much creating the product – I finished it in just a few months, it was more the technology – JVZoo and PayPal integration, making sure the auto responder emails worked to send to purchasers to login to the members area, etc. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all of the technical pieces work on launch day! Thanks again for your comments.

    • Hi Lee, I’m also working with the P2S course but I have just started. Nice to see that you made it through the training. I will be checking out your blog for some good ideas. Good luck with your product launch.


      • leecornell

        Thanks Ian! Keep with it. There will be times when you are tempted to slow down or stop for periods. Don’t make the mistakes I did and get distracted. Reach out for help if/when you get stuck. Good luck! (Although you’ll find out luck has very little to do with it)!

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