Hello all.

I hope you are all staying well and safe. It is a truly challenging time we are living in.

Many of you own your own business and provide products and services to clients. Over the past few months, many businesses have closed or are in need of some help to remain open.

Perhaps you could use some insight and help with writing advertising copy to reach new clients, or maybe a web video to capture folks attention. Want to publish an eBook to give away to prospective customers? How about some new marketing ideas to grow your business? A voice over video? Some training materials put into a membership website?

I can help you in all of theses areas. Just reach out to me for more information.

Also, I’d appreciate if you’d “Like” my new Facebook group “Cornell Publications and Marketing.”

Here is the link:


In these scary times you may need some new ideas to keep your business relevant. I’d love to see if there is something I could assist with.

Be safe!


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