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I’m sure, if you’re like me, you are (well, I was, until I started thinning the herd) on a gazillion email lists of dozens of internet marketers who are constantly sending you pitches for products, services, “must have” reports on how to be a success…you get the picture.

I’ve been online since 1997. I’ve heard of many, many offline and online marketers over the years. Most didn’t (and don’t) really know what they are talking about. They have no original helpful information or product. Many just send copy and pasted content or an affiliate link to some offering.

But, even though there are thousands of “me too” marketers out there and you’re new enough at this game to not know who’s worth listening to, there are many “real deal” marketing experts out there that you should pay attention to.

Here is a short list of people I have personally been following and studying for years. These are people you should learn about and read their blogs, opt-in for information, or eventually invest in their product or service.

Note I said “eventually.” Marketers who really know what they are doing provide tons of free, high quality content. They know by doing so, that you might eventually purchase one of their offerings.

But you can learn so much from these people from just the free content you can get from them.

Here they are. These are not affiliate links and I’m not being paid anything sending you to these pages. I’ve mentioned before that my goal with my blog is to help you with things I know.

John Thornhill


Jeff Walker


Jeff actually had a great video posted the other day about pricing your products. Well worth watching.



Dan Kennedy (he’s been around a long time, but still offers great information)


Yanik Silver (very unique approaches to marketing online)


Paul Hartunian (one of the best in the business when it comes to generating publicity)


Dave Nicholson


Eben Pagan


Brendon Burchard

These will get you started if you want to follow some very successful marketers as you are learning your way around Internet marketing. Even if you are an experienced marketer, you’ll receive valuable free information from the group listed.

Keep moving forward on the road to success!











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