Let’s talk for a few minutes about a couple of terms you may have heard of before, especially if you do any of your marketing online. “Shiny objects” and “Squirrel!”

If you haven’t heard of these, in a nutshell they mean moving on to some new technology, “secret”, method, product, training, etc., that is guaranteed to help your business when you already may have what you need.

I’ve been online for over 23 years. And I am as guilty as anyone when it comes to getting sucked into a really good sales letter for a new product or service that is supposed to skyrocket my business.

The problem is that when you buy one of these offerings, they seldom get used because, you guessed it, SHINY OBJECT AND SQUIRREL!

Does this sound familiar? You see a knockout promotion for some new training, book, product, technology, whatever and you buy it. Then, before you even start using whatever it is you just spent your money on, you get another amazing email promoting some other new widget or training. Squirrel!

This goes on and on. You are always being distracted by a new shiny object and continually buying all of this stuff without even using all of the similar items you’ve already spent money on.

In my world, I’m a sucker for new video editing technology, marketing courses, stock photos, videos and all things related to expanding my internet business.

And, check this out. I’ve even invested in something more than once because I used to buy so many tools and courses, that I forgot that I’d already purchased them months ago!

I can’t even begin to tally up all of the shiny objects I’ve dropped money on that I’ve only used once, or not at all. Big waste of time and money. My bookmarks are literally in the hundreds of products I’ve purchased and then done absolutely nothing with.

Here’s the deal. Choose what you invest in wisely. It is so easy to go down a never ending rabbit hole of getting caught up in a sales page and whipping out your credit card.

When you DO invest in a program, book, technology or course that relates to your business, go through the materials and give them a chance to see if they work for you. Only when you have decided what you can  get from that particular item and implement it in your business, consider looking at other products.

Don’t get me wrong. Never stop learning. There are always folks coming up with new tools to grow businesses. But first stop and think as to if you really need this product today. Right now. Probably not.

Chances are you have a lot of the tools and knowledge already to make your business better. Go back through the training and products you have already invested in.

Think about it. Did you actually go through the materials, or have you seen a lot of squirrels that are keeping you distracted and slowing you down?

One side note that will help you in your business. And this is why some marketers offers are so hard to resist and their sales letters draw you in.

It’s because they don’t just focus on features and benefits. Instead they tell a story and make you a part of that story. You see yourself as the person in the sales page. That’s why you buy.

Are you telling a story in your marketing message that almost “hypnotizes” people to want to listen to you and ultimately become a client?

In my case with the company I work for, Leadstra, that is what we specialize in. We help businesses tell their story which sets them apart from their competitors.

Get good enough at telling your brand story and YOUR company may be the shiny object to others…8-)

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