desk-601540_640Let’s pick up from where we left off in Part 1 of this series and I’ll give you a few more tips on how to write great sales copy that will get you more clicks and more sales. Plus, I’ll share the law of dual stream copy writing with you.

Let’s start refining your draft notes now into a more focused sales letter.

Write only for the people who would most be interested in your offer.

Does that make sense? As you begin to edit all of the free-flowing ideas I told you to write down in Part 1, you now need to have your sales copy target potential purchasers. Don’t use too broad of a brush. You know to address objections up front in what you write. But write mainly to an audience that will have as few objections as possible.

Let’s face it. Your offer is not going to appeal to everyone. So, rather than fill your copy with tons of information to try and please everyone, write to the type of person who will be most interested in what you are offering.

And remember, that people purchase because of an emotional pull from your offer. When you get really good at copy writing, your reader will think you wrote that copy directed right at them.

They then use logic to justify the purchase they just made.

You’ve done it. You go to a car dealership and sit in that new car. You smell the new leather interior, marvel at the new glossy perfect paint in the color you love, put your hands on the steering wheel, see all of the cool gizmos on the dash-board, open the sun roof.

The price is a bit higher than you want to pay, but the salesman plays on your emotions as you take the car for a test drive and he goes on about how perfect this car is for you. Sure, he’ll talk about gas mileage, reliability, the 32 airbags, 14 cup holders and the crash test rating of 195 mph.

But that’s not why you end up purchasing the car. It’s the emotional triggers mentioned above that almost demand you buy it. You justify those emotions with all of the logical stuff afterwards. So use emotional triggers as you write.

Use the rule of dual stream copy writing when you write for maximizing sales.

This is a little known secret and worth the price of admission today…if there was one 😎

Did you know there are two types of readers? The first type is the person who wants to read every word of your sales copy and will re-read it multiple times (especially if it’s triggering emotional feelings) very carefully before making their decision.

The second type of reader will just skim over the copy to get a general feel as to if they are interested in what you are offering.

You need to write in a style for BOTH of these types of people. Many marketers who write copy will write in the style of person they themselves are.

If they are a “skimmer” they write a very short sales letter page. If they are more analytical, the copy is long and detailed. You need to be sure that regardless of whether your sales copy is read in detail or just skimmed over, that your message is understood.

There are a lot of ways of creating a double readership path.

You can underline key phrases and benefits.

You can put important pieces of your message IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

You can type must read information in bold.


  • Use bullet points to make the key pieces of information stand out.

Think of other techniques to make you letter easy to read and provide the essential information to both types of readers.

wow-402915_640But be careful. As you know, when writing online copy, with all of the crazy software available, you can go overboard with this stuff. Don’t start overusing some of the “creative” things you can do, like using a ton of different color text highlighters, animations, too many photos and graphic elements.

Keep your sales copy page look “clean.”

Pepper the use of “WOW” content creation things to a minimum, in most cases. When you DO write a sales page that uses some of the cool looking graphical elements, be sure to make the styles match. Don’t go wild (and amateurish) with a bunch of different font styles / sizes and color schemes that don’t go together.

I’m also not a big fan of people who use huge text and colors in their copy.

Ugly. Sorry. Don’t do it.

You can make your page look a bit flashy, but make sure it maintains some consistency in its look.

I used several of these dual stream copy writing techniques in this post (as I do in all of my online writings).

I know these tips will help you craft a sales page that will make you more money and engage your readers.

Until next time.


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