writing-tipsOne of the most important components you need to have in your blog posts, product sales landing pages, your offer and follow-up auto responders is good…scratch that…great copy for people to read.

The way you use your words will have a direct relationship with how many readers come back to read your blog posts, and whether or not they purchase a product you have to offer.

In this post, let me offer up a few tips in writing sales copy that will increase your response and click rates.

1). Write down every conceivable benefit of your offer.

Remember, features are what the product does. The more important benefits are how your product helps your potential customer. Put yourself in your customers shoes.

If they are too big, give them back…rim shot.

What is your prospect looking for? What are their desires? List all benefits you think they will accept and recognize as a benefit.

2). Make a list of all of the objections your customer might have.

Imagine that you are talking to them. Why would they not want your product or service? Why would they say “no”? What would be their concerns? Don’t for a minute think that “this would never happen to my product(s). They are so good there won’t be any objections.”

There is NO such thing as a perfect offer. There will be objections and concerns that will keep people from purchasing from you. Is it the price? Have they been pitched a similar product in the past from someone else and been burned by an over promised and under delivered purchase? Think. Think. And think some more. You need to answer any objections ahead of time by calling them out and explaining them away in your sales copy.

Now and only now can you begin to develop your offer.

3). Write a first draft.

It boggles my mind as to how many marketers sit down, write one draft of a sales page and then throw it out there for people to read. In my experience, NO ONE is that good. In my opinion, you’ll write several drafts before having a final, ready to post sales page.writing-cartoon-revisions

Writing your first draft should be fun! Simply write and write and write. Do NOT edit or filter your thoughts at this point.

Write down everything you possibly can about your offer. Don’t be concerned about your wording at this point. Just get the ideas written out. This is a big tip. You will do the editing later.

Be sure to be truthful in the benefits of your offer! Do not say things that will ultimately lead to unhappy customers wanting refunds and affiliates regretting promoting your product.

Once you have all of your thoughts down about your offer, you are ready to start cleaning it all up and polishing your sales letter for maximum effectiveness at reeling in the most sales possible.

Work on these three things.

In my next post, I’m going to let you in on a little known copy writing secret that will really increase the response to your offer. I call it the law of dual stream copy writing.

Until next time,


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    2 replies to "How to write sales copy that actually works – Part 1"

    • Lee – how do you handle the fact most people buy on emotions with you sales copy? Are there key words you’d suggest? Charlie

      • Charle – Part 2 of this series talks about how people purchase based on emotion and then justify that purchase with logic. I tend not to have a lot of particular / specific words I use when I write copy, but try to tell a story that pulls people into the copy emotionally. I picture myself as the person reading my copy and think of what would be emotional triggers for me. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for commenting. Lee

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