In this post, lets talk a bit about how to keep people reading your blog and keep coming back again and again to see what you have to say.

Remember, the goal of your blog is to gain trust from your readers. Trust that you are being honest. Trust in that what you are writing can help them. Trust that you are over delivering in your content. Trust that you can and will help them. And eventually trust in the products and services you will offer your readers and subscribers.

The first and most important way in getting people to want to take the time to read your blog should be obvious.

Just take a look again at the title of my post. I’d wager that the main reason you clicked on the link to read what I had to say is because of the title. Or what is also known as the headline.

The headline is the hook that draws people in to read your post. It must peak curiosity and compel visitors to continue reading.











You’ve probably heard of the old saying, “Your headline can be your DEADline.” Which simply means, if your headline lacks the power to pull people into your post, your post is dead.

No one (or few) will read it.

I could have titled my post, “Why Headlines are Important.” I can assure you, far fewer people would take the time to open that post.

You must be creative in your headlines so  people are almost driven to open and read your post.

I researched online and found that on average, eight of ten people will read a headline, while only 20% will go on to read the rest of your copy.

On the Web, you only have 3-8 seconds to capture the reader’s attention before they decide to continue reading or move on. With those odds, you need all the help you can get to pull readers into your blog.

Headlines featuring a strong benefit have the greatest chance of success. You’ve heard it before. “Features tell, benefits sell.” As a reminder, a feature is about your product. A benefit is what your audience gets from it.

Adding some emotion to your headline amplifies the benefit.  Make your reader’s self-interest the focus of your headline and they will be interested in you and reading about what you have to say.

Example: “Get Rid of Your Financial Worries Forever.”

Also use “News” like wording in your headlines. People tend to read on, if the headline has a news and a benefit component to it.

Words like:


Another successful type of headline uses curiosity. To be most effective, curiosity should be combined with self-interest, benefits or news.

Phrases like:

How to…
10 ways to…
The secret to…
Who else wants to…
Supposed this happened…

Here are a few of the greatest headlines ever written (not according to me, but research done by other experts in the field of headlines and results). Use them as ideas to create your own killer headlines. Make it almost impossible for people NOT to open and read your blog. Of course, once you get them to start reading, you also must have some great content to keep them on the page.


The Secret of Making People Like You
Advice to Wives Whose Husbands Don’t Save Money – by a Wife
You Can Laugh at Money Worries – If You Follow This Simple Plan
When Doctors Feel Rotten – This is What They Do
How I Improved My Memory in One Evening
Thousands Have this Priceless Gift – But Never Discover It
Is the Life of a Child Worth $1 to You?
Do You Do Any of These Ten Embarrassing Things?
Which One of my $20 Best Sellers Do You Want – For Only $1 Each?
To People Who Want to Write – But Can’t Get Started
How $20 Spent Can Save You $2,000
How to Stop Worrying
For the Woman Who is Older Than She Looks
How I Made a Fortune With A Crazy Idea

And the most classic headline of all time, written by John Caples:

They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano – But When I Started to Play!

It does take practice to get proficient at writing good headlines.

So, why not start right now and see if you can come up with a few of your own? Put yourself in your potential readers shoes. What kind of headline would make you want to keep reading?

Until next time.



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