How is the subject line possible? Doubling sales without adding customers?

The increases are right there within your own present and past customer base!

Let’s talk a minute about…ethics. And how they can maximize your “total customer value.”

There are three basic categories of ethical standards in relationships between you and your customers.

1). Minimum Ethics:
Doing just enough to comply with all laws, stay out of jail, deter lawsuits and returns for refunds.

2). Average Ethics:
Giving customers “fair exchange” – reasonable value for their money. No less. No more. This, in reality, is where most online and offline business are. The result is that businesses will get average results, turn some sort of profit and stay in business.

3). Maximum Ethics:
Now we’re cookin’! This is where you always want to be.

Don’t ask the question “how can I get more sales?”, but rather “how can I provide better service and value to my customers?”

The online or offline business owner who is constantly striving to give more value to his customers is taking the ethical “high ground” and will be amply rewarded!

handshakeThis mean many things. Truth in your advertising message and in selling your product or service. You may find this surprising, but it is easier to sell and satisfy when you present a truly honest picture of the benefits of your product AND also the potential drawbacks as to why your product may not be right for everyone- rather than painting and overwhelmingly rosy, perfect picture.

Why? Because people are so skeptical these days – being bombarded with hundreds of pitches for this or that life-changing “thing” every time they are online or watching a late night infomercial. People are rightly suspicious of anything that seems too good to be true.

Customers appreciate honesty. It is a main driver for buying something from you the first time and then buying from you again and again.

Brainstorm on how YOU would like to be treated in marketing messages and sales pages you read. Compile a long, detailed list of how you would most appreciate the marketing message being delivered. You can also look at other marketers who fall into the Minimum Ethics category and do all you can to not be like them!

There are so many good reasons for ethical standards when  dealing with your customers. Peace of mind is certainly a top one. Knowing you are doing all you can to be transparent with your potential customers goes a long way.

Sure, there are ways to pull people into your sales message and convince them to purchase, but being in the Maximum Ethics category will absolutely increase your sales and income without adding customers.

But you know what? By being ethical in all you do in your business, a side benefit that most certainly will happen is that you will gain more customers, as word spreads to others from your current clients.

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    1 Response to "How to double your sales without adding a single new customer"

    • Lee, as someone new to internet marketing myself, I think your advice on ethics is right on target. I haven’t heard much advice that leans toward over-delivering to the customer… it’s usually the opposite! I love the idea of feeling great about how you treat your visitors/customers and sleeping well at night.
      I’ll be checking back for more, so please keep it coming!

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