A sense of urgency is one of the most under utilized marketing strategies out there, but one of the most important.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, the first key in any marketing method is that you have an outstanding, first rate product or service.

I personally have made countless more sales by conveying urgency. If you are able to portray GENUINE urgency to your prospects, they will be compelled to buy now. This is a basic psychological fact. Mastering urgency in your sales messages will take your sales to a new level.

Much like indifference, sense of urgency is not so much something you have to say, as it is something that you have to portray. You want to make them feel as if “now” is the only time because the offer won’t last long.

Notice how you get coupons in the mail and they have an expiration date? That is because they want you to buy it right away.

Shhhh….I’m not naming names, but I can’t begin to tell you how many times certain family members at my house run to the store to spend money right now, because “the sale ends today and it’s my last chance to get this special price!” Rrrright.

Infomercials and home shopping channels use the same ideas by displaying a count down clock on the screen. This clock counts down the seconds until the end of the show or the end of the product promotion.

“We only have 3 minutes left folks, operators are standing by to take your orders.”

This is impulse buying through the sense of urgency. They’re telling you straight out that this product disappears from your TV screen in exactly 3 minutes. Order now or suffer forever!

On an internet sales page there are many ways to portray urgency. Some marketers even use it in the pre-headline with something like “DO NOT HIT YOUR BACK BUTTON! This is the ONLY time you will see this page.” That statement uses urgency AND fear of loss to captivate the visitor.

I’ve also used a product countdown method on my sales pages. This is when you tell everyone that you only intend to sell “x” number of copies of a product and they only have 11:00 minutes to click the “buy it now” button. I then display a countdown clock that will disable the purchase link when it reaches zero.

Many people are afraid of using this sort of sales tactic because it will cost them some sales, or they worry it will make some people mad who might miss out. That fear will continue to hold you back from making some real money.

Simply put, sense of urgency can explode your business. If you have fear or reservations about using these types of techniques, your sales and  income will never reach their full potential.


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