I am excited to announce the upcoming release of my newest product that I think will help ANYONE who takes advantage of it. It’s on a subject that most people don’t think of as sexy, but is the #1 most important thing you can do to increase sales. Period.

It’s becoming an excellent copywriter. You can have the coolest sales page, videos, bonuses, upsell funnel, doodle sketch software on the planet. But if you can’t write excellent copy that pulls readers in to want to read about your offering and connect on an emotional level, you WILL NEVER make near the amount of sales you could be.

I’ve been writing copy for over 20 years for my own online and offline products, as well as for other marketers. I have complied 20 years worth of my best copywriting training into the “Copywriting Warrior Resource Library. No fluff or filler. Just information that works!

Be on the lookout for a release date coming soon!

Keep working on your internet marketing business! Have an amazing 2019!


    2 replies to "Copywriting Warrior to Launch in January!"

    • Hey Lee,

      Good to know about this new copywriting training. I’ve been spending quite a bit time on copywriting. It is the most important thing to learn and understand.

      Look forward to seeing what you put together.

      • Lee Cornell

        Thanks David. The course is all ready to launch. Just having the usual technical issues with JVZoo working with the membership platform I like and am using. Should have it fixed over the weekend and then I’ll get on John’s launch calendar.



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