Are you on LinkedIn?
I have spent a lot of time over the past few months finally getting my LinkedIn account maximized for greatest exposure and growing my list of connections. I’ve had an account for years and maybe like you, never did much with it other than create an account.
What I’ve come to realize is that LinkedIn is an amazing tool to connect with others that share your interests and job passions, provide and receive valuable information that can help you grow your business and create strategic partners, or perhaps help lead you to a whole new career.
What’s missing is that I see tons of people on LinkedIn that have nowhere near enough information on their page to make it of value to you or anyone else. Learning all the ins and outs of setting up your profile for maximum benefit may seem to be a bit daunting.
Leadstra can help you! We offer a program called the LinkedIn Power Start that will take you step by step through getting your profile set up and optimized so you can start taking advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer. 
Having a bare bones, incomplete LinkedIn page is as good as having no page at all – and you are missing out on the power of LinkedIn.
Click the link to find out more.

    2 replies to "Are You a LinkedIn Loser?"

    • Hi Lee,

      I also have a LinkedIn account and your right, it is a great tool to connect with others. But I feel it is not for marketers like me.
      It also an authority site in the eyes of Google so I post my content always on LinkedIn. I don’t get much response to it but It is good for my blog’s rankings.

    • Awesome! Its actually amazing post, I have got much clear idea about from this post.

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