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In this blog post I’d like to offer up a list of 12 tips I’ve come up with, which will, in my opinion (and based on experiences from being online for over 18 years), help keep readers revisiting your blog. Time after time.

That is the goal of blogging. Having repeat readers who look forward to your posts, begin to see you as an authority/expert, like you/trust you and eventually become a fanatical fan of your blog. This will make readers more likely to purchase things you may have to offer for sale.

I have a strong background in marketing in general and in writing copy. I’ve used many of these tips in the “traditional” marketing world and when writing content for my websites. But these still translate 100% to Internet marketing and in building a strong, loyal blog reader base.

Here we go.

1). Don’t make your blog posts too long. No matter how good of a writer you are, folks will have a tendency to drop off of a post if it goes on forever. If you have a lot to cover, break the blog into a series and continue the topic in the next blog post.

2). Write your blog in short paragraphs. It’s easier on the reader and they will have a tendency to read the whole post if it doesn’t look like a forever ongoing wall of text. Plus, it just makes your post look cleaner and more attractive.

3). Write at a 6th grade reader level. Scientific research says so. Even if you are writing for an audience of IT engineers, or computer programmers, you always want to write in an easy to understand style. Don’t use big words to impress people with your cerebral cognitive attributes (oops! I just broke my own rule…). The smart people won’t notice (or care) if you are writing in everyday language, The average readers will appreciate reading at a level they understand.

4). Unless you are blogging to a specific market that understands them, don’t use acronyms or industry lingo your readers don’t know. They’ll see that first I.M.J. in your blog and then tune you out (Insider Mumbo Jumbo – I just made that up, but you get the idea).

5). Use some humor in your writing. People like to feel good as they read your blog. Your blog shouldn’t be just dry writing on a topic. Pepper some chuckles in with it to enhance the post, unless you are writing about a really serious life and death subject.

6). Stay on topic. If you are writing on the best way to get the best gas mileage from your car, don’t switch gears (pun intended) and suddenly talk about repairing the roof on your house. Unless the car is on the roof of your house.

7). Write in a conversational style. Make the reader feel as if you’re having a face to face chat with him or her.

8). Use some photos or graphics in your posts. This breaks up the “text only” look and nudges people to continue reading. But be sure the graphic(s) relate to what you are writing about.

This would not be a good example of a photo you’d want to use with this blog I’m writing. (Unless the blue whale is an expert on blogging).

9). Use good grammar and check your spelling. If you are not strong in these areas, but have valuable ideas to express, find someone who is a good author to proof your blog before you post it. Even if you are a good writer, it’s a good idea to get a second set of eyes on your copy before you post it.

10). Ask your readers to leave a comment as to if they enjoyed the post and if they’d like any other info on that topic covered in a future blog. People will give you great feedback. All you have to do is ask.

11). Ask people to opt-in to your blog so they can keep up to date when you post a new entry.

12). And most importantly – PROVIDE VALUABLE and USABLE content. You want your reader to finish reading your post and walk away with some piece or pieces of information they can actually use. Always try to over-deliver with the topic you are writing about. It’s always about the reader. Never about you.

That’s it! It takes some practice. And, the only way you’ll get better at writing blog posts (or copy writing in general) is to write as often as you can.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed today’s post, and add any questions you may have as well. Also, please connect with me so you’ll be notified when I post a new blog.

Until next time.

All the best,


    4 replies to "Top 12 ways to keep readers coming back to your blog and fall in love with you"

    • Great tips, will be using them in my future posts. Thank you 🙂

      • leecornell

        Thanks Tasleem.

    • Brilliant post. That reminds me I have to re-start my blog, I semi-abandoned it.

      My main problems are three and seven. English is not my first language and I tend to lecture, ie. academic writing.

      I will try to change my style.

      By the way, all your points are spot on.

      I am sharing it in FB and Google + as well.

      Good luck, well with hard work good luck is certain 🙂

      • leecornell

        Thank you for the nice comments! I am glad you are getting some value from my posts. I’m new at this model of marketing, but am certain a lot of things from my past endeavors of running website stores and marketing those, will translate into being able to get my head around this newer model of digital products, services and membership products. Have a great day. Lee

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