2017 will be the year…

A little after 2 years of beginning my mentoring from John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success training, I’m just about ready to launch Public Domain Fortune! Here is a final picture of the course.

I decided to do more than just an eBook and instead put together a full-blown membership site with multiple levels and products. There will be eBooks, videos, audios, mind maps and a lot of bonuses.

While this is my first launch in the IM world using this type of info product, I’m no stranger to being on the internet. I’ve been online for over 20 years. I was selling other information products pretty much right after the internet for the general public started.

It’s taken a lot of effort to get this far and I blame some of the long period of time on myself and not staying focused and moving forward. I’m looking forward to see how the launch goes for Public Domain Fortune and how well it is received.

Then, it will be on to the next product(s) and working more on networking with affiliates to promote their products and perhaps tag-team on some new offerings.

Stay tuned for my actual launch date!

Until next time,



  • carl melton

    Reply Reply May 11, 2017

    2017 is going to be the year for me too.
    I’ve only recently subscribed to Partnership to Success, but I’m thinking about my first product already.
    Actually. I’m quite happy with product creation (I need some guidance, but I really feel that’s something I can do). The issue for me is going to be sales letters and all that good stuff, but I’m not at that stage in the program yet, and I expect when I am that John will give me the support I need.

    Best of luck with the launch.


    • leecornell

      Reply Reply May 11, 2017

      Good luck Carl. My biggest tip would be to try and do something every day. No matter if it’s 10 minutes or two hours. And ask for help from John when you need it. It’s easy to start out strong, get the first few weeks of the training completed and then hit a snag. The easy thing to do is to say “I’ll come back to that tomorrow.” And then days go by with no progress being made. I’ve done the same thing. P2S is a great program if you stick with it. Good Luck!


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